Tales of the Force: Legacy


As the GALACTIC CIVIL WAR rages on, our heroes recuperate after their experiences on Yondiro. But it is a brief rest, as the Alliance soon calls upon them for yet another dangerous mission.

The nefarious IMPERIAL INTELLIGENCE has just captured an important agent, and his time is swiftly running out. Frosty, Iris and Wes must travel to a world under Imperial control to get him home.

Yet a danger greater than that of cunning spies exists within the ranks of Imperial Intelligence, and more than the safety of a good man might soon be at stake….

Episode 2: DEMONS OF OLD

The dreams of freedom grow ever stronger. With the destruction of the second DEATH STAR and the annihilation of the SITH, the empire has taken a great blow. Rebellion is spreading all over the galaxy.

Yet the forces of evil remain powerful, and the war is far from won. Aided by a circle of moffs and trusted GRAND ADMIRALS, newly declared emperor MAS AMEDDA means to put a swift end to all insurrections. But try as he might, keeping a unified front is no easy task.

In the turmoil after the death of a grand admiral, a small strike team of brave rebels must seize the sudden opportunity of capturing an important prisoner….

Iris Raas Tahn, Saayla Frost and Wes Krayle are sent to the planet Yondiro under the command of Lieutenant Nilos Endracot. Their mission is to capture Moff Maylon Andarr, a trusted confidante of deceased Grand Admiral Ishin-Il-Raz. But their path is hindered by the vicious locals known as ghouls, and their commander has plans of his own…

Important events
- Moff Maylon Andarr is killed
- The heroes recover encrypted data relating to the Inquisitorius
- Recordings are found that show the death of fugitive Jedi knight Siria Delaconne years earlier
- Warjira, the daughter of Siria Delaconne and Warrick Khaar, is revealed to have been saved by Cerri Klane
- Cerri is revealed to have been trained by Devlin


This very first adventure saw a group of brave rebels, including Iris Raas Tahn and Dexter Cado, attacking one of four back-up shield generators on the forest moon of Endor. The dismantling of the shield generators made the destruction of the Second Death Star possible.

Important events
- The events of Return of the Jedi (off screen)


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